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Printer and Copier Services for Schools & Educational Institutions in Orange County and LA County

Educational institutions are constantly pressured to achieve higher standards with fewer resources. At Orange County Copiers and Printers, we are equipped to deliver copier and printer sales, leases, rentals, and maintenance and repair services that help school administrators, teachers and students efficiently manage information and documents without compromising privacy standards.


Digital Color Printer for Schools & Educational Institutes

Enhance Learning, Improve Collaboration & Increase Productivity

The education system has changed drastically over the last few years, shifting away from paper documents and moving toward sharing and storing documents electronically. Teachers, administrators, and staff at Orange County and LA County schools need copy and print solutions that can help them keep up with these demands — and more.

Unlock the Power of Digital Documents

Our wide range of printers and copiers feature advanced scanning technology that enables data capture and seamless integration with assessment applications such as traditional paper based forms and bubble tests. Scanners and multifunction printers also save paper through online sharing of paper documents via computers, mobile devices, and the cloud. Scanning technology can be used to support tutoring, remote learning, and distance education initiatives, while helping improve collaboration and communication between students and teachers.

Mobile Printing & Scanning Services for LA, Orange County School Districts

Create the Connected Campus with Mobile Printing & Scanning Solutions

Our inventory of copiers and printers includes mobile printing and scanning solutions that help students, teachers and administrators stay connected. Most of our laser printers, scanners, and multifunction devices offer enhanced connectivity to popular web services, mobile devices and operating systems. Access, share and send secure files virtually anytime, anywhere.

Improve Communication and Workflow

Orange County Copiers and Printers delivers document management technology that captures, stores, and shares digital information and data for the classroom and beyond.

Facilitate communication and encourage collaboration with products, tools, and cloud-based applications.

Securely capture and share images and electronic files such as student records and documents, projects, homework, lesson plans and more.

Convert paper documents to digital files and securely scan to email, folders or other applications.

Automate and streamline assessment test processing through OCR technology.


Contact us today to learn more. Our experienced team can help you choose the ideal copy machines and printers for your school or educational institution. We offer free phone estimates, convenient online quotes, and on-site consultations.

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