Printing Solutions for

Government Industries

Print jobs for government agencies are met with unique challenges. Agencies have an obligation to follow particularly strict standards and are constantly being asked to do more, but with less budget and staffing resources. Innovative document and printing solutions are necessary to ensure government agencies can continue to serve the public in the safest, efficient way possible. OCCP offers a range of government solutions to address these challenges.

Reliability for Today, Flexibility for the Future

OCCP offers robust devices and reliable solutions that meet today’s demands, while providing a flexible foundation to adapt to future requirements. Built for high usage and volume, OCCP solutions have powerful features that can help increase productivity, lower total cost of ownership and increase efficiencies. OCCP is constantly developing new applications to evolve with the dynamic rules and regulations of government agencies.

Optimize Productivity at all Levels

OCCP’s solutions can help simplify and effectively manage, store and retrieve important documents and information, while also meeting increasing demands for compliance, security and reliability.

Security Solutions for Government

Maintaining the security of confidential information is critical for government offices and agencies to establish and maintain ongoing regulatory compliance. OCCP solutions can help ensure the security of sensitive documents as many products have received the United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) approval — the security standard for products deployed across federal agencies.

Use industry standards and protocols to protect key assets including documents, images and audits

Restrict or grant access and privileges on a per-user or per-group basis

Allow you to create password-protected access and NFC card reader authorization to maintain confidentiality and oversee access to documents and information

Support key capabilities and protocols including, Signed & Secure PDF, Authentication, SFTP, 802.1x and Certificates