Should I purchase a pre-owned copier?

There is one huge advantage to purchasing a pre-owned copy machine. You save thousands. That’s it, plain and simple. In fact, its win-win for both the dealer and the end user.

Reconditioned office equipment have high profit margins for the office equipment dealers. If they are reconditioned by a reputable company they will last just as long as purchasing new equipment. Even if the machine only last 4-5 years it is still a great investment.

Where do these machines come from?

They usually come from financial institutions, government agencies, hospitals etc. They are purchased from banks who leased them to their customers.

What do you need to look for?

Make sure you get a meter reading. This is the amount of copies ran on the machine. Depending on the machine, you want the lowest metered machine available. Anything less than 100,000 depending on the model is usually ok.

What is the best refurbished copier?

There really isn’t one brand that is any better than the other. Remember you are dealing with multibillion dollar manufactures.

Who should I purchase a pre-owned copier from?

Obviously, we hope you choose us but, anyone who uses an authorized dealer to recondition the equipment will do. Ask what is included in the reconditioning process. Make sure they offer some sort of warranty. We generally offer free setup, delivery, installation and give you a great Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.


There are many things to consider when it comes to making a purchasing decision for your office equipment.


Before you get worked up on shiny, new gadgets, you might want to consider getting pre-owned equipment instead.


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