Printing Solutions for

Nonprofit Organizations

OCCP is proud to offer reduced pricing to nonprofits, charities and churches throughout Orange County. Our program offers pricing that will match or beat most trade or wholesale printers while providing you with our fanatical customer support.

OCCP partners with thousands of nonprofits of all sizes to cost effectively manage, print and distribute their materials.

  • Best Prices – Pay your printed materials at an unbeatable rate
  • Priority Support – Dedicated, US based customer support by phone, email and chat
  • Our Program – No catch or obligation and there are no start up costs or hidden fees
Do More with Less

With pricing tailored for nonprofits and no order minimums, your organization will no longer waste critical funds in obsolete materials or expensive brick & mortar copy shops.

Empower Your Partners & Volunteers

Many nonprofits that use OCCP are small teams supporting national and global networks. Empower your partners or volunteers to create and distribute materials, taking the administrative burden off of your team.

Seamless Scalability

OCCP customers range from 2 person teams to global organizations. As you grow, our technology and production capabilities can easily scale along with your footprint.

Vendor Centralization & Savings

By consolidating your organization’s purchasing habits, implementing OCCP has saved thousands of nonprofits in both hard and soft costs.


OCCP cares about bettering our environment. With eco-friendly production facilities and a green product offering, we’ll help you spread the word about your cause while helping the earth too.

Think Big, Act Small

We'll help you to improve printing and copying processes, enable faster decision making, and scale to support your network.

Consistent, High Quality

Our proprietary print & quality control processes ensure that your organization is represented with the highest quality.

Flexible Turn Times

Our team of experts are just a phone call and a car ride away any time you need us to check out your equipment.

Robust Reporting and Tracking

See who printed or copied what and when. OCCP’s robust reporting provided insight into your print orders in real-time and historically.