Printer Solutions for The Food Industry

Intelligent printers dedicated for back office printing

OCCP has multi function printers with many printing capabilities designed to work with your back office. Running a business in an industry that has daily specials, weekly events, and fabulous seasonal festivities requires a unique ability to be constant and creative with your time-sensitive promotions and marketing initiatives. As a result, there is no other industry that demands or makes better use of an in-house copier than the hospitality industry.

Determining the right solution for your

food service environment

If you had to drive to a print shop every time you changed the appetizer, cocktail, or wine special of the day, you wouldn’t do it. Instead, you’d simply hope that your wait staff remembered to promote the day’s specials or that your customers would notice the little chalkboard on the wall with the specials listed. With an in house printer you can achieve the following:

  • PRINT EXACTLY WHAT YOU NEED Using an in- house printer will allow you to print what you need on demand with minimal cost. If you need to reprint menu’s to keep them looking fresh and new you can print exactly what you need without having to meet minimum print runs, scheduling in advanced or waiting for your prints. You will have total control of your time, money and printing materials.
  • MARKET NEW APPETIZERS, PLATES, WINE OR BEER SPECIALS You can easily change or add inserts into dinner menus, cocktail menus or the wine list, providing customers with the inspiration to order your currently highlighted items.
    • PUT A SPOTLIGHT ON YOUR CUSTOMERS DINING EXPERIENCE You can use a full color Sharp Multifunction Printer to print photos of your customers, dining events or parties for display or as a photo printing service for private parties.
    • RECALL AND PRINT MENUS DIRECTLY FORM THE PRINTER Some staff may not have the time or access to a computer to print out customized menus when needed. Sharp Multi Function Printers will allow you to store commonly needed print jobs on the printer’s hard drive enabling staff to go directly to the printer and access the material they need without ever needing to access a computer. This is an easy way to give your entire staff access to necessary printed materials without wasting a lot of time.