Take Control of

Your Print Costs with Managed Print Services

Print less and save money while eliminating the hassle of ordering supplies, and maintaining equipment. Whatever your print problem, OCCP’s managed print services has a solution. Industry research demonstrates that between 1-3% of a company’s annual revenue is spent on print- and imaging-related activities. 90% of companies don’t track these costs. Did you know that most companies spend $2,700 per employee annually on direct printing expenses? Managed Print Services gives customers control over those hidden print costs, improving efficiency and saving money for businesses of any size.

Reduce Costs

And Save Money With MPS

One Vendor One Invoice

Procure devices, services, and consumables from a single vendor. One vendor means one invoice. Your accounting team will love it.

Optimal Printer To Employee Ratio

Do you have a printer to employee ratio of 1:4 or less? MPS can significantly improve that ratio. A higher employee-to-machine ratio means fewer printers and lower costs.

Eliminate Hidden Print Costs

MPS software, tracks and captures all printing costs in one report so you can eliminate unnecessary costs and generate predictable monthly expenses. Printer fleets are unified into one network. Enjoy predictable and clear monthly expenses.

Predictable And Scalable Pricing

With Managed Print Services, your operating expenses and capital expenditures scale as your needs change.

Managed Print Managed Time

OCCP's all-inclusive MPS services mean you don't spend time administering invoices, ordering supplies, or making service requests.

Reduce Energy Costs & Go Green

Lower your environmental footprint. Optimized printer fleets, modern equipment, and new user behavior dramatically reduce energy costs and printing waste.